Council Setup

Members of the Council will include-

1. Director of Health Services

2. State Drugs Controller / Controlling authority under D & C Act 1940.

3. Representative of the Deptt. of Finance.

4. Representative of State Red Cross Society.

5. Representative of the Blood Bank.

6. Expert from the Major Medical & Health Institution.

 7.Expert from the Major Medical & Health lnstitution.

8. Representative of the Non-Government Organisation.

9 Representative of the Nodal Blood Centre.


 The Director shall maintain a register of member  of the State Council which shall show the individual names of the Ex-official members. A separate register shall be mention for the other members.

   Authorities of the State council-

   The following shall be the authorities of the State Council :


1 General Body .

2 Executive Committee.

3 Such other bodies as may be prescribed by the General Body.



General Body

 The management of the affairs of the Council shall be entrusted to a General Body which shall be entitled ‘The General Body of the State Blood Council.


The composition of the Executive Committee shall be as follows :

1. President of the State Council                                             Chairman

2. Director, State Health Services                                            Member

3. Representative of the State Department Finance                Member

4. State Drugs Controller / Controlling authority

under D. &C Act, 1940                                                             Member

5. One expert in blood Transfusion Medicine

from major Medical and Health Institute

of the State                                                                              Member

6. Representative from Red Cross Society                             Member

7. Director, State Council                                                        Member—SecIetary


The term of office of the non—official Members of the Executive Committee will be two years. the non official members who will be members of the General Body will be eligible for re-nomination.

The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting will be placed before the General Body at its next meeting.

In the absence of the President the Executive Committee shall elect one from among the Members present as Chairman of the meeting.



The Standing Committees constituted by the General Body shall submit their reports to the Executive Committee who shall be empowered to take decisions on their recommendations.Meeting of the Executive Committee shall be held as often as necessary but not less than once in a month.


Members of Council.pdf

Memorandum of Association.pdf